Work at Chispa

Who are we looking for?

At Chispa, we’re curious, we are doers . We’re collaborative, communicative, supportive, respectful and enthusiastic. We understand the importance of recognition and appreciate a good sense of humor. We do more with less. We enjoy the process and the energy in movement. We build team without an ego and we’re not attached to our ideas, victories, or results.

We are part of a world that is transforming the way in which we live and do business.

Chispa is committed to addressing social and environmental problems. Our success does not start and end with a spreadsheet. We are part of a global movement for which measuring environmental impact forms an integral part of performance standards.

For us, Chispa is about micro-moments with infinite possibilities. We want to transmit this idea to every person who is part of our team. We want everyone to find their micro-moment, the one with which they identify most, inventing with freedom of expression, fulfillment growth, belief in oneself, fulfillment, and igniting the flame that we all carry inside.

Welcome everyone. With love, Chispa team.

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