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We can enumerate a list of nice and attractive things and call them culture. But we believe that the company culture is much more than a ping pong table. At Chispa, we made the decision to build a culture, genuine and with intention. Culture is the way of thinking, feeling and doing. It is our first priority.

It is our way of responding to the contemporary world, showing its light and also its shadows. Highlighting what we believe in and what excites us. Culture has the magnetism of co-creating with incredible people.

Chispa is an open studio, an invitation to get to know us.

A meeting to prototype, design and experiment with the purpose of doing, solving, adding and enjoying the process. We believe in diversity and building healthy bonds. Freedom, integrity and transparency are not negotiable. We look for abundance and prosperity.

People always first.

How do we work at Chispa?

With purpose

We´re a team looking for a deeply positive and personal transformation, dreams of a possible world and has a deep vocation to work for the well-being of people. We introduce open disciplines of innovation, creativity and design, with the purpose of regenerating our planet and solving social problems.

Visibility & opening

We prioritize communication to ensure excellence in everyone. Our rule of thumb the non-triangulation of information and our commitment within the company is conscious communication, transparency, and based on trust.

Anywhere on the planet

We want to make a global, open, diverse and moving company. We are not interested in life in offices. We enjoy life more with miles, experiences and plenty of stories to tell. We carry the open and fluid communication of our projects with Basecamp, Slack & Jira. We always strive for impeccable results and exceptional quality in our work.

Vacations whenever you want

We promote a culture of respect for the times, moments and processes of each person. We want you to take your time to find your purpose, to be with friends and family when you need it.

Culture subject
Culture subject

4-day work week

Why work 5 and rest 2? Fridays is a good day to add to rest, focus on well-being, hobbies, learn something new, support a cause, etc. We believe that it’s a very good idea to have long weekends every week and we have in our team people who are passionate about giving the best of their talent in the remaining four days.

Once a month we dedicate a full Friday to volunteer work with our organization of choice.

Variable salary and bonuses

We appreciate your individual circumstances and plan pay structures according to your individuality. Maybe you are moving, adopting a pet, starting a house or with new circumstances. We always boost the progress of our team.

Diversity and inclusion

Our intention is to create a diverse, inclusive company with different perspectives that enrich our sense of work and human relationships. A place where we reflect love in our work, respect and empathy for those who accompany us.

Open maternity, paternity and adoption leave

We believe that it’s the best impact for our planet to receive children with the attention, love and care they deserve.

Culture subject

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