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What we did

We designed and produced a universal music platform.

Qroom is based on YouTube content close to the figure of 50 million songs to be enjoyed by 1 billion users.

The challenge was to create an exquisite, simple and distinct user experience for the millions of users who use YouTube as a music streaming platform close to 59% of the global market.

The Chispa's research team made a deep map of needs, expectations and desires to understand what the user values ​​when listening to music on streaming platforms. UX methodologies and user understanding were used.

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qroom logo
qroom logo

In a 90-day creative sprint with the introduction of design thinking methodologies we produce the first MVP (minimum viable produc) with focus on simplicity, social experience, quality and comfort in the mobile experience.

All the musical content of YouTube is contained in Qroom available for free without interruptions and without advertising through the Google APIs and with applied intelligence to generate own playlists, recommendations and discoveries of artists.

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The process led us to present the product in SXSW.

The launch in 2017 had a great impact on technology, music and social media. The process led us to present the product at SXSW the most important event in the music and technology industry in Austin, Texas.

sxsw photo
sxsw photo

Qroom had a first round of investment and our team began its operation in San Francisco where we presented in different instances to Venture Capital firms, technology companies, industry leaders and media and entertainment companies.

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In March 2018 we launched the application for iOS and soon for Android.

The new version of Qroom is in the process of product design aimed at delivering multi-device content with exceptional sound and visual quality.

Technological challenges.

Our biggest challenges were on one side to build the database for millions of artists and songs and on the other hand to achieve the best possible performance for the consumption of the music catalog. The first challenge we could solve it by creating several micro-services that were accessing third-party services obtaining updated information about the artists and their songs. Regarding the second challenge the solution we found to have an optimal performance was to use the Lambda service of AWS and ElasticSearch to optimize the search in database.

Technological successes.

Our great successes were having used Python / Django for the development of the API because thanks to this we were able to use the AWS Lambda service without having to adapt much or make major modifications. And another of these successes was to develop the app in a native way since it facilitated the use of the iPhone player and the management of the Youtube library.


  • Design Thinking

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Product Design

  • Roadmaps

  • User Experience

  • Agile Development

qroom mobile app
qroom mobile app

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