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The challenge.

According to the WHO in recent decades the incidence of dengue in the world has increased enormously.

Each year there are 390 million infections, of which 96 million are clinically manifested. And currently there is no cure. The best tool to combat it is prevention and control.

Under this problem the team of Chispa proposed the challenge of raising awareness in an innovative way and attacking the emergency focus with new technologies and methodologies.

We introduce a deep collaborative investigation in which we detect that with the incorporation of simple customs, like avoiding the water tank, the cases of dengue can decrease drastically.

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In conjunction with new trends that combine e-learning and gaming we launched our proposal.

Education must not turn its back on reality and, moreover, it must take advantage of everyday elements to improve its methodologies: online games that catch children and adults generated a world, that of gaming, to which e-learning cannot be foreign.

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Sapito has a logic of simple gameplay and exponential difficulty that incorporates tips to combat dengue as the player progresses.

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Gamifying advice and good manners.

The gamification of the councils seeks, from an early age, the incorporation of healthy habits for the benefit of all in the fight against dengue. One of the most problematic diseases worldwide that, paradoxically, has the simplest ways to fight it, educating.

For the development of the game we use Unity as the platform.

This allowed us to have great versatility allowing us to develop for multiple platforms simultaneously. In this specific case iOS and Android. In this way the Chispa team was able to optimize time and effort. With a single development we managed to cover both platforms.

Second, for its simple learning curve, its intuitive and friendly interface, and for being today the platform for development of games with the greatest community. And finally, for the possibility of accepting multiple languages, such as C# and Javascript.

  • Research

  • Design Thinking

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Product Design

  • Agile Development

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